April 22, 2024: New blog post about blogging in lieu of using Google Docs for important and interesting posts. RStudio continues to break my special symbols, so the site looks a bit weird right now.

March 3, 2024: Wrote up a blog about making this site with rmarkdown’s native SSG. Also added the webdev and links page.

March 1, 2024: New blog post about this year and my absence.

Past updates can be seen here.


  • Redo my stylesheet…
  • Downsize some of my images and change them from PNG to JPG
  • Work on sitemap.
  • Look into installing giscus.
  • Write more blog posts and book reviews.
  • Start looking into blogdown…?
  • Figure out how to organize a /library or /bookshelf page.
  • Do some more fun experiments.


This site functions as a personal archive for my works, my interests and shrines, as well as a creative exercise as I explore the world of static web coding.

As of March 2024, I mostly use RStudio to generate my HTML. It makes my life a lot easier in terms of testing and content control. I am currently working to make this site as responsive as possible, but please forgive any mistakes…I’m aware display on mobile is very borked.

My aim is to create an accessible site regardless of device, especially as most internet users access the internet through a mobile device.

song of the month

“I’m the Rain” by inabacumori feat. Nightcord at 25:00

A button for Neocities. Neocities dot org is written in blue text and in smaller text the caption reads “The web is yours” A button with the Palestinian Flag on it that reads “free Palestine” A button with a crossed out Swastika that says “No Nazi, No Fascism, No Racism” A button with a crossed out printer. It says “This is an Anti-NFT site” A button that reads “defund police” A blue button with a black hand holding a wrench. The text reads “I support right to repair”. A button with the Firefox logo on it. the text read “Firefox Now!” A button with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender flags. a button with a red heart and a rainbow banner in the corner. The text reads “Pride now!” A button with the trans flag on it. It says “Trans rights now” a rainbow button that says “youre telling me a queer coded this” a button with a purple pawprint. The text reads “Made with my own two paws”. a button that reads “best viewed with open eyes”