I’ve been hyperfixating like crazy on updating my site because apparently using a data science IDE to try and make a somewhat customized site is like a puzzle to my brain?

So anyway: I used R a bit in college and got semi comfortable with it. I was interested in how it takes R markdown files and converts them to HTML with some fun built in capabilities, so I wanted to see what it would be like to make a website with this.

To be frank: I have 0 design skills and I don’t like testing on so many displays, especially since I really only have 2 devices to check on. Something that could kind of automate the responsiveness and where I could easily reuse bits of HTML with the package htmltool was appealing to me…

So here were my goals:

  1. Create a somewhat responsive site in RMarkdown with the built-in SSG editor that would also hold a lot of different media.
  2. Customize it with my own theme and CSS
  3. Use deploy to neocities to store my neocities files on Github, have more version control, and easily push updates to my site without driving myself batty.

why would you do this?

I’m not sure, honestly. I’m stubborn? I also didn’t really feel like learning an SSG just for something I do on the side as a hobby, but I plan to learn an SSG in the future. Partially I was inspired by NeoSSG which is a webring for neocities users that use static site generators.

I think my word of advice to everyone reading this is: Don’t use R if you’re going to have a lot of pages and subfolders. This killed me since I, for some reason, can’t plug in a filepath to a _site YAML on RStudio’s native markdown->HTML site generator. Also: I hate YAMLs. You guys have no idea how long it took me to get deploy-to-neocities to work on Github.